Woodturning Courses

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Because of my experience as a teacher I am used to analysing the difficulties involved in techniques and I have learnt to minimise the amount of interference from me!

left handed carver

I have had a number of students who are left handed and have ensured that I know a way to do most of the techniques of turning left handed. I obviously aim to pass this on where appropriate.

So, courses are informal, hands on, one-to-one (or couples) and aimed at the particular interests of the student. The intention is that ideas are explained briefly and then learnt by experience.

They extend from 9.00am to 5.00pm with coffee/tea breaks and light lunch.

Tom teaching a student
Smiling student

Courses are usually two or three days (the third day sometimes being taken after an interval). The beginner's course deals with safety, tool selection and sharpening, and principles of spindle and faceplate turning.

I also try to ensure that form and design are considered at all stages. Timber is supplied and the objects made are for the student to keep.


"Tom is masterful turner and fabulous teacher. He shared his knowledge generously and used clever teaching techniques to help me develop my turning skills and confidence and produce some impressive (for me) work. I was delighted by all we achieved on the course and I'm thrilled that I've been able to replicate the techniques and continue to improve on the standards back in my own shed." - Alistair

"I greatly enjoyed the time we had together, and am very happy with the outcome. The box adorns my bedroom table- with things made by my mum, my dad and now me. You are a very good teacher. In particular you guide and instruct in a way which allows the woodturning novice to feel genuine pride in making something- because it's his/her work. Like all good teachers you have the gift of metaphor and inventive imagery. So I will remember much of what I learnt. The gaps will be more down to me, than to oversights on your part." - Tom

"Once again thank you very much for a very enjoyable three days. We both feel we got everything we could have hoped for - and more. Your determination to make certain we saw our projects through to completion as perfectly as you possibly could gave us the confidence to believe we do have the dexterity to take up woodturning..." - Sheila

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"... Looking back over 30+ years of 'educational' courses it was a real treat to spend time with someone who was actually capable of doing the job themselves to a very high standard..." - Geoff

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"Tom, you have a real gift for teaching - exactly the right balance, for me, of help, suggestion and being left alone, which left me wanting to carry on endlessly." - Chelsia

And in the event of an unsuccessful bit of turning, I also have a specialist wood disposal unit!

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(Actually I have a new one)