Bowls & Plates

90mm Coloured bur ash natural edge bowl

180mm Walnut bowl

380mm Oak platter

270mm Burr ash bowl

460mm Yew bowl

330mm Cherry bowl

200mm Natural edge cherry bowl

Three small burr elm bowls between 60 and 90mm

7" Coloured Ash bowl

Natural edge burr oak bowl (320mm diameter)

Burr oak bowl (330mm diameter)

Amazaque bowl (140mm diameter)

Sycamore bowl (270mm diameter bowl)

Ash bowl (265mm)

12" Oak fruit bowl

14" Ebonized Oak fruit bowl

Mulberry 12" bowl

24" Ash bowl

18" "Burr" Ash Bowl

2" Gilded Burr bowls for salt pots with spoons

3" Walnut Bowl

5" Gilded & Ebonised Sweet Chesnut Bowl

10" Burr Oak Natural Edge Bowl with moss on the edge

10" Field Maple Bowl

9" Ash

14" Burr Robinia Bowl

17" Ash Bowl

15" Ash

17" Field Maple Bowl

3.5" Burr Field Maple Natural Edge Bowl

9" Laburnum Bowl with Hollow Spheres

13" Elm Bowl

17" Ebonized Sweet Chestnut

Octagonal Oak Plates

16" Gilded and Ebonised Sweet Chestnut Multicentre Bowl. Dimensions based on the Golden Ratio. This bowl is discussed on pages 43 and 44 of Derek Hayes book

16" Field Maple Bowl

16" Field Maple Bowl

7" Natural Edged Yew Bowl

2" Natural Edged Field Maple Bowls with Gilded Edges with Rosewood Spoons

Other Pieces

Jarrah Goblet

Serviette Holders

Two-part fieldmaple and laburnum egg-cups

Sculptural Pieces

12" Coloured Sycamore Sphere on an Elm Base. This piece is discussed on page 90 of Derek Hayes book

15" Coloured Sycamore Sphere on a Burr Base with a Small Ebonised Oak Sphere Foot

6" Coloured Burr Field Maple Sphere on a Burr Elm Base

Gilded 6" Date palm Sphere on a Root

10" Amaphora Pot on an Acacia Bog Pine Base

Pair of 3" Kissing Vases

Burr Silver Birch Amphora Pot

Mulberry Pointless Pot on a Root

A Pair of Mulberry Pointless Pots. One ebonised on the outside and the other ebonised on the inside

9" Judas Tree Pot on a Beech Burr


13" Maple Pot

6" Yew Pot

17" Apple Pot

2 Foot High Field Maple and Mistletoe Pot

Magenta Blue Maple Pot

Pair of Yew Pots 10" High

11" Yew Pot

11" Holly Pot

In the Workshop

Me at the lathe

Burr oak platter in production

10" Field Maple Bowl

10" Field Maple Bowl

2" Field Maple Salt Bowls

13" Burr Elm Bowl

15" Sphere (2/4 in the "Sculptural Pieces" Gallery)

A Gallery of Work

My Turning is very varied; I enjoy making artistic bowls including natural edges, green turned and spalted, but also make functional bowls for salad and fruit etc.

I try to let the wood speak for itself and tend to use oil finishes. I do however use chemical means to encourage the wood to show exciting contrasts, for example by ebonising timbers with a large tannin content, such as Oak, Walnut, Mulberry etc. and I also use coloured stains to enhance grain. I also make a large variety of functional items for the home.

Prices are mostly between £5 and £300 (plus postage and packaging), though some special pieces are more expensive. Please email me if you are interested in a particular piece - If it has already gone to a good home, there is always a chance I am working on something similar!